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Teeth X-ray Albania: Quality, Innovation and Convenience.

The dental overview is nothing more than a photograph of the health of your mouth: an essential step to find and analyze any disorders of the teeth and mouth, identifying at the same time the necessary treatment path and the treatments for perfect healing.

Manjani Dental offers you the possibility to carry out a dental panoramic in Albania for free. In fact, it is included in the first free diagnostic visit proposed by the Clinic to new Italian patients. Find out more about the service and book your dental overview in Albania now!

What is a dental overview and when is it done?

The overview of the teeth is an X-ray which, unlike the traditional ones, is able to show the general state of the teeth but also of the bones of the head, jaw, jaw and adjacent tissues. Dental radiography in Albania is carried out by Clinica Manjani Dental on the occasion of the first free diagnosis visit.

Why Is It Important To Do A Teeth Overview In Albania?

The dental overview is a fundamental step to identify any problems and correctly define a treatment plan together with the dentist. In fact, it offers the dentist – in a single plate and therefore in a single image – the complete representation of the entire mouth. Specifically, the dental overview clearly highlights anomalies, bone fractures, impacted teeth, cysts, infections and tumors. Finally, it is also useful before planning specific dental treatments, such as braces, implants or dentures.

Is Taking A Dental Panoramic X-ray Dangerous?

No, doing a dental panoramic in Albania is not dangerous. In fact, Manjani Dental Clinic performs a digital radiograph which, in addition to offering a high quality resolution, reduces radiation by 80%. The exam is painless, non-invasive and lasts a few minutes.

How Should You Prepare For A Dental Panoramic?

Before taking an overview of teeth in Albania it is not necessary to prepare in any way. During the examination itself, however, the only useful recommendation is to keep the head immobile: any movements, even minimal, could cause blur in the image, and it would therefore be necessary to repeat the dental panoramic radiograph.
In any case, it is necessary to remove any removable dental prostheses, glasses, earrings, necklaces or wigs, hearing aids, tongue and / or lip piercings.

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