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Dental Prosthetics In Albania: As If They Are Your Teeth.

Edentulism or total / partial lack of teeth is a problem that can have different causes, from the normal biological aging process to pathologies such as periodontitis, but also destructive caries and previous inadequate or incorrect dental therapies. The consequences are serious, both on an aesthetic and functional level (problems in chewing and digestion, changes in the entire body balance, disturbances in vocal expression, etc.). With Manjani Dental the edentulous solution is safe, effective and convenient: in our Clinic in Albania, in fact, we deal with the application of both mobile and fixed prostheses. Discover our services and choose to make your prosthesis or your dentures in Albania.

What Are Dental Prostheses For?

Dental prostheses, whether mobile or fixed, are used to replace missing teeth – thus solving any problems with chewing or imbalance of the entire body – but also to correct anomalies at the level of dental aesthetics: in fact, they can correct shape, color and position of the teeth. When dental prostheses do not concern individual teeth but the entire arch, we speak of fixed or mobile dentures.

With Clinica Manjani Dental you can have your fixed or mobile dentures or your dental prosthesis in Albania at a highly affordable cost, rediscovering the well-being and beauty of a healthy smile.

Mobile and Fixed Dentures: What’s the Difference?

It is necessary to distinguish between a fixed and a mobile denture: the former is a definitive artifact, cemented or fixed to replace the missing natural teeth; the second, on the other hand, is a type of total dental prosthesis that can be removed by the patient to perform daily hygiene.

Fixed Dental Prosthetics: How Does It Work?

A fixed dental prosthesis – partial or total, and therefore in this case also called fixed denture – is a definitive artifact that cannot be removed by the patient in any way. In fact, it is cemented or fixed to replace natural teeth. A fixed dental prosthesis can vary depending on the application; depending on the specific problem and the patient’s needs, our specialists can advise and apply:

Crowns and capsules, when there is only one tooth to be replaced and there is therefore no need for a complete fixed denture.
Bridges, when several teeth need to be replaced at the same time.
How many types of total fixed dental prostheses are there?

Depending on the application but also on the material, there are different types of total fixed dental prosthesis, also called dentures: here are the metal ceramic prostheses, the all-ceramic dentures (particularly appreciated from an aesthetic point of view) and the oxide ceramic prostheses. of zirconium. The latter, in particular, are characterized by their optimal aesthetic performance; thanks to the zirconium crown, moreover, they guarantee complete protection of the periodontium.

What Are Dental Inlays In Albania?

The dental inlays in Albania performed by Manjani Dental can be defined – in common jargon – as inlay and onlay replacement methods: these are dental fillings prepared in the laboratory after casting the teeth which, compared to those traditions, last longer over time. Manjani Dental performs two types of dental inlays in Albania: the inlay is the replacement of the upper part of the crown; onlay is the application of the filling on the upper or median surface of the tooth. Contact us to find out more about these innovative dental fillings in Albania, entrusted to the experience and skills of Manjani Dental.

What are removable dentures?

Unlike a prosthesis or fixed denture, this model – as its name suggests – can be removed by the patient to perform daily hygiene. Manjani Dental Clinic manufactures the following types of dental prostheses in Albania:

Partial or skeletonized prostheses, consisting of a metal structure anchored to the teeth by hooks.
Total mobile dentures, used in the absence of teeth to anchor. Made of resin, these dental prostheses are an economical and not very complex solution, although subject to gradual bone resorption. The use of resins and ceramics guarantees an excellent aesthetic result, perfect functionality and hypoallergenic properties.
Combined mobile prostheses, which replace the dental arch with the support of osseointegrated titanium implants. Being fixed to artificial pins, these prostheses do not discharge the chewing force on the residual teeth and therefore do not cause their wear and fatigue.
Why Making Dental Prosthetics In Albania Is Convenient?

An increasing number of people choose to have their fixed and mobile dentures or dental prostheses in Albania by relying on Clinica Manjani Dental and taking advantage of the extreme convenience offered by our dentists. By choosing us you too can have your dental prostheses at a cost of 70% lower than the average rates of Italian dentists. All without sacrificing safety, quality, professionalism and innovation.

What are you waiting for? Request a quote now for your prosthesis or your dentures in Albania, smile again with Manjani Dental.

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