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Periodontology In Albania: The Health Of Your Teeth Goes Through Gums And Bones.

The health of the mouth does not only concern the teeth but also everything that constitutes its structure, namely gums, bone and fiber. These, in particular, may be affected by particular pathologies that can progressively weaken them up to destroy them. These disorders can only be highlighted through a periodontal visit: Clinica Manjani Dental specializes in periodontology in Albania and offers Italian patients the opportunity to count on a periodontist able to follow them at every stage of treatment, from diagnosis to recovery, offering advice. useful and performing innovative treatments. Discover the periodontology services in Albania offered by Manjani Dental and request a quote.

Periodontism: What is it?

Periodontism is a disorder that tends to be caused by poor oral hygiene and negative habits such as smoking and bruxism. It can cause swelling, shrinkage or redness of the gums (gingivitis), but also halitosis, cavities and plaque which, if neglected, in turn cause an aggravation of the problem, up to the development of the disease. A possible consequence of this pathological development is dental mobility, which can then lead to the loss of the elements themselves.
With a periodontal visit in Albania, Manjani Dental’s specialists are able to identify the problem and suggest the best treatment. If you think you suffer from this disorder, book an appointment with one of our periodontists now and request a free quote.

How is a periodontal examination carried out in Albania?

Manjani Dental offers all Italian patients the opportunity to request and carry out a periodontal visit in Albania at highly competitive prices. During the appointment, the periodontist performs an accurate initial diagnosis which includes:

Periodontal pocket measurement.
Deep gnathological, gingival and periodontal surveys to detect indices of pain, bleeding, plaque, tartar, etc.
Planning of the initial periodontal preparation with curettage, dental scaling and root planing.
Study models.
Intraoral X-ray in Periodontal view.
What Happens After The First Periodontal Visit In Albania?

After the accurate diagnosis phase, the specialists in periodontology in Albania of Clinica Manjani Dental can proceed with the removal of the granulation tissue present in the pockets and have a second periodontal visit follow in which the response to the preparation is detected, so as to then prepare the subsequent interventions.

Why Choose A Periodontist In Albania

Relying on an Albania periodontist is a convenient choice: you can in fact take advantage of a wide range of innovative services and treatments, saving up to 70% compared to the average Italian dental rates. Choose the convenience: book now your periodontal visit in Albania with our specialized periodontist dentist.

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