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Orthodontics Albania: Bite Life With Health!

Crowding of the teeth, bad habits, incorrect swallowing, protrusion of the upper teeth: these are just some of the cases that, if not treated, can lead to serious problems of malocclusion, affecting both the aesthetics and the chewing function of people. The solution in these cases is an orthodontic treatment in Albania. A practice once applied mainly to children, today orthodontics is possible and recommended even in adulthood. Manjani Dental Clinic, in particular, applies dental appliances in Albania – both fixed and mobile – with excellent results, even on an aesthetic level. Discover the orthodontic services in Albania offered by Manjani Dental, request a free quote now and save up to 70%!

Is Orthodontics In Albania Only For Children?

Until recently, orthodontics in Albania was a service dedicated only to children. Today, thanks also to the direct correlation with other branches of the sector such as periodontology and implantology – which deal with the support and recovery of lost teeth – but also pedodontics and dental prostheses, orthodontics in Albania is a useful service also for all adults who want to solve various problems, such as: crowding of the teeth; bad habits; incorrect swallowing; protrusion of the upper teeth.
In general, the general goal of orthodontics is to restore chewing function and achieve the aesthetics of a beautiful smile by applying fixed or mobile applications.

Orthodontics In Albania: What Does Manjani Dental Offer?

Clinica Manjani Dental employs a team of experienced professionals, internationally trained, able to offer customized and cutting-edge solutions to those who choose to place a dental appliance in Albania. With its attentive and professional orthodontic service at extremely advantageous and competitive prices, Manjani Dental offers, for example, the possibility of aligning the remaining teeth included in the alveolar bone by means of surgery; or again, working in synergy with an implant surgery, it allows to treat patients with hypodontia, that is the congenital lack of one or more teeth.

Does a Low Cost Dental Appliance Work?

The cost of a dental appliance is not necessarily synonymous with effectiveness: Clinica Manjani Dental, in fact, offers you the possibility of making your dental appliance in Albania with the certainty of counting on high quality materials, technological innovation and at the same time convenience. Our team is internationally trained and specializes in orthodontics at affordable prices, thus allowing Italian patients to save on dental fees without sacrificing effectiveness and quality. If you are looking for a low cost and high quality dental appliance, trust Manjani Dental!

What Does Orthodontic Treatment In Albania Include?

Clinica Manjani Dental offers orthodontic treatment that can include the application of mobile orthodontic appliances – applied by the patient 5-6 times a day and during the night – or fixed orthodontic appliances – applied to the teeth, instead, with aesthetic or non-aesthetic attachments ( metal or ceramic) using a specific adhesive that does not damage the enamel.

How does the Low Cost Fixed Dental Appliance Work?

The fixed appliance is applied to teeth with aesthetic or non-aesthetic attachments, using a specific adhesive that does not damage the enamel in any way. The fixed low-cost dental appliance is worn 24 hours a day and can be equipped with small elastics or superelastic nickel-titanium wires that generate constant forces to move the teeth using metal ligatures. The new types of fixed low-cost dental braces, such as self-ligating braces, are instead without ligatures.

How Long Should the Low Cost Fixed Dental Appliance Be Worn?

Orthodontic therapy with fixed appliances lasts for about a year or a half year. The sessions in the active phase of orthodontics Albania last about 20 minutes and the patient is checked every 6-8 weeks. Once the dental braces have been removed in Albania, we proceed with the application of a transparent mobile device called Reatiner. This phase with transparent appliance – called retention – lasts another year, with sessions scheduled every 3-4 months.

How much does a device cost in Albania?

To find out the rates for orthodontics in Albania , please consult the appropriate Prices section of our website. In general, Clinica Manjani Dental offers orthodontic treatments and interventions at highly affordable prices , allowing you to buy your low cost braces in Albania and save up to 70%.

What are you waiting for? If you are interested in dental braces in Albania, contact us now and request a free quote!

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