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Oral surgery

Oral Surgery Albania:
The Safety Of A Healthy Mouth.

The health of the oral cavity is an aspect of fundamental importance for the general well-being in daily life. Manjani Dental Clinic, making use of the professionalism of accredited specialists in the field of oral surgery, offers a complete service and performs any type of intervention at an affordable price. The offer of oral surgery services in Albania proposed by Manjani Dental includes: periodontal surgery on the tissues that support the teeth; pre-implantology surgery for the correct preparation of the oral cavity for the insertion of implants; gingival surgery to treat pathologies affecting the gums and mucous membranes; extractive surgery in Albania to “extract” – as the name suggests – roots and teeth; endodontic surgery with the aim of removing the apex of the infected root. Find out the prices and book now your oral surgery in Albania, rely on the professionalism and experience of Manjani Dental.

Oral Surgery In Albania: What is it?

Oral surgery is that branch of dentistry that includes all interventions performed by professionals on the oral cavity. It includes periodontal, pre-implantology, mucogingival, extractive and endodontic surgery.

Manjani Dental successfully deals with oral surgery in Albania, offering services and treatments at highly competitive prices. Request a quote now and compare it with that of your dentist in Italy.

How Are Periodontal Surgery Interventions Carried Out In Albania?

Periodontal surgery is the branch of dental surgery that takes care of the tissues that support the teeth and which can be affected by diseases such as periodontitis or pyorrhea. Manjani Dental specialists perform various types of periodontal surgery aimed at the regeneration and reconstruction of gums and bone. In periodontal surgery operations they use exclusively hypoallergenic and bio materials or reconstruction membranes. In Albania, periodontal surgery has costs that are even 70% lower than the average rates in Italy. However, it does not give up on quality and innovation, offering a satisfactory final result for the patient.

What is Pre-Implant Surgery and What Does Manjani Dental Offer?

Pre-implant surgery is the branch of oral surgery in Albania that deals with correcting bone and gingival anomalies to prepare the oral cavity for the optimal insertion of any type of implant. Manjani Dental specialists perform the reconstruction of the maxillary and mandibular bone using biocompatible synthetic materials or bone taken directly from the patient’s intra-oral areas.

Gum Surgery: What Is It All About?

Manjani Dental, a dental clinic specializing in oral surgery in Albania, also performs gum surgery, treating the pathologies that affect the gums. In particular, it performs gingival and coronal repositioning, but also grafts of tissue taken from the palate of the same patient. The goal of gingival (or muco-gingival) surgery is to eliminate any imperfections, solving dental sensitivity problems.

Does Manjani Dental Also Perform Extractive Surgery In Albania?

Yes, the specialized and experienced dentists of Clinica Manjani Dental also offer an innovative service of extractive surgery in Albania. In particular, they deal with root and tooth extraction, including wisdom teeth, satisfying the needs of each patient with quality, professionalism and convenience.

What is Endodontic Surgery?

Endodontic surgery is a branch of oral surgery in Albania that applies apicoectomy, ie the removal of the apex of the tooth root affected by an infection (granuloma). With professionalism and competence, Manjani Dental specialists perform these types of operations, efficiently solving any problem or need.

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