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Implantology in Albania: Technological Avant-Garde at the Service of Smiles.

Manjani Dental allows you to perform your dental capsules and implants in Albania, taking advantage of highly competitive prices and relying on a team of internationally trained professionals. Invest in the health of your teeth, Manjani Dental Clinic offers you:

10 year guarantee * for your dental implant in Albania;
5-year guarantee * * for porcelain dental capsules.

* The guarantee is valid only for regular dental check-ups and proper oral hygiene.

Discover now all the innovative implantology services in Albania offered by Manjani Dental.

Dental Implants Albania: What Does Manjani Dental Offer?

Clinica Manjani Dental offers an implantology service in Albania allowing Italian patients to obtain new teeth and high quality dental capsules guaranteed for up to 10 years. In detail, with its dental implantology service in Albania, Manjani Dental specialists are able to replace the missing dental root by inserting a dental implant into the bone of the jaw and jaw. In addition, the Clinic offers dental implantology and tooth reconstruction interventions in Albania at highly competitive prices: request a free quote now and discover the convenience of Manjani Dental, a Clinic specialized in implantology in Albania. With our services you can save up to 70% compared to the average rates of Italian dentists.

Is An Evaluation Made Before An Implant Surgery Albania?

Yes, before proceeding with an implant surgery in Albania, the specialists of Clinica Manjani Dental carry out a complete evaluation using radiographs and plaster models. Then, they illustrate the situation and possible solutions to the patient, finding together the one that best suits their specific needs. Then, they schedule the teeth reconstruction surgery in Albania and the subsequent checks necessary for perfect healing.

How is an implant surgery in Albania carried out?

Teeth reconstruction surgery in Albania is generally performed under local anesthesia. During the operation, the dentist creates an adequate “bed” in the jaw bone: the dental implant will be placed here.

This first surgery is followed by a healing phase that lasts from about six weeks to several months. In the meantime, for aesthetic reasons, the dentists of Clinica Manjani Dental can insert a temporary restoration on the implant allowing the patient to show off a natural and healthy set of teeth while awaiting the conclusion of the treatment.
Only at the end of the healing phase, however, the implantology specialists in Albania of Manjani Dental proceed with the insertion of crowns, bridges or prostheses.

Why Choosing To Make Implants In Albania Is It Convenient?

Compared to Italy, in Albania a dental implant costs up to 70% less: this is just one of the advantages of relying on the services of Clinica Manjani Dental. Not only savings, in fact, but also high quality: the Albania implantology specialists of our office use the most advanced technologies in the dental field, allowing the patient to obtain a satisfactory and long-lasting result.

Dental implants in Albania offered by Clinica Manjani Dental are guaranteed for up to 10 years (guarantee valid against regular dental checks and correct oral hygiene). What are you waiting for? Choose Albania for your dental implant, rely on the experience, professionalism and quality of Clinica Manjani Dental.

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