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at Manjani Dental we offer Free Dental Consultation!

Do you need to have a dental check-up ? Do you want to take your children to the dentist for the first time? Manjani Dental allows you to perform the first dental visit for free and without obligation.

The first dental visit is essential to carry out an accurate dental diagnosis, thus highlighting the state of health of the mouth and establishing a resolutive care plan of the specific existing problems or prevention with respect to any trends.

What are you waiting for? Book your dental visit now, trust Manjani Dental and take advantage of the convenience offered!

First Free Dental Consultation: What Does It Include?

In Manjani Dental the first dental visit is free and without obligation. In particular, it includes:

Evaluation of the current condition of the teeth;
Evaluation of chewing;
Evaluation of the gums and oral mucosa;
Digital dental panoramic radiography (orthopantomography);
Digital photographs;
Creation of a personalized care plan.
Price quotation.
How does the first dental visit take place in Albania?

The first dental visit in Albania takes place in the same way as a visit made by an Italian dentist. It is a fundamental moment in the treatment process: here, in fact, the relationship between the patient and the specialist is established. For us at Clinica Manjani Dental each patient is unique and for this reason we use a different approach to the first dental visit. In general, however, it goes like this:

Brief interview, essential for the dentist to reconstruct the patient’s history, learn about the treatments carried out and have a complete clinical picture.
Evaluation of chewing by orthodontic evaluation.
Visual examination of the mouth to check teeth, gums and oral mucosa. In this phase, in particular, the dentist can look for periodontal pockets in which inflammation could lurk.
X-ray of the entire arch for a more in-depth evaluation.
What Happens After The First Visit To The Dentist In Albania?

At Clinica Manjani Dental the first dental visit is without obligation. This means that, after the analysis, the diagnosis, the implementation of your personalized treatment plan and the presentation of the quote, you can choose whether to carry out the necessary dental treatments at our facility or not. In any case, we guarantee you the best price by offering you savings of up to 70% compared to the average Italian dental price list.

Not only that: by choosing Clinica Manjani Dental and continuing the treatments and dental care after the initial dental visit, you can take advantage of our promotions, such as the 15% discount reserved for groups of more than 4 people or the promotion for families, in which children under 12 do not pay.

We are also at your complete disposal to organize the transfer from Italy and the stay in Albania, for the purposes of treatment or with possible relaxation extension. Finally, we offer you a series of advantageous agreements for bus travel, hotel stays, hotels, apartments and rooms.

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