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Dental Clinic in Albania – Book a visit with us, save up to 50% and have a perfect smile on your face.

Dental Tourism Albania: Why Choose Our Dentists in Albania.

Dental tourism is an increasingly widespread practice born from the desire or need to rely on a foreign dentist with affordable prices. Taking the opportunity of a trip to perform surgery or dental treatment, more and more people extend their stay by taking the opportunity to relax on the beaches of Albania or to discover its beauties.

Dental tourism, therefore, is now a solid and winning reality that allows Italian patients to transform dental care into moments of relaxation, recreation, fun and discovery; all at highly affordable prices without sacrificing the highest quality.

Clinica Manjani Dental is also an active protagonist of dental tourism in Tirana, Albania: thanks to its dentists abroad at affordable prices and the numerous agreements with hotels, lodges and transfer services, it is chosen every year by an increasing number of Italian patients. Furthermore, dental trips to Albania to reach Manjani Dental Clinic are the choice of those looking for a dentist abroad able to perform high quality work with rates and times much lower than those of Italian colleagues, in compliance with the protocols. European and with a guarantee of safety and convenience.

Are you interested in the services offered by our dentists? Fill out the contact form to receive an overview on the cost of services and useful information about your personal situation. The first visit to the clinic, which will be used to allow the foreign dentist to draw up an ad hoc therapeutic plan, at Manjani Dental is completely free.

Dental Care: Why Choose Albania.

Dental health is an aspect to be reckoned with for general well-being. However, due to the high rates and excessively long waiting times, it is often underestimated. Today, however, there is a convenient and efficient solution to take care of the smile of the whole family: Clinica Manjani Dental is the dental practice abroad – more precisely in Albania – which offers discounted rates, maximum quality and an innovative and technologically advanced; here, any intervention or treatment becomes truly within everyone’s reach!

Thanks to its proximity to Italy, Albania is the preferred destination for dental tourism and the Manjani Dental Clinic is the destination of many Italians who want to smile again.

Dental Tourism Albania: An overview of the phenomenon.

Dental tourism, based on the proven reliability and professionalism of dentists abroad, is so defined because dental care can easily be combined with a pleasant trip to Albania, taking advantage of the various possibilities of stay by the sea that this country offers.

During the stay, in addition to personalized care by the chosen dentist, the patient tourist can also enjoy sufficient free time to be able to devote himself to the numerous activities that Albania offers. The strength of the service that dentists abroad offer to potential customers is mainly a preventive and free professional consultation, able to avoid unnecessary trips and unpleasant surprises on the budget related to the treatment plan.

In any case, when you are interested in benefiting from the care of a dentist abroad, it is necessary to provide for the addition of travel, accommodation and leisure expenses to the cost of the services.

Looking for a foreign dentist? You find it in Albania

As mentioned, more and more Italians are choosing to do their dental treatment abroad, focusing mainly on Albania. At the same time, there are many dentists abroad – especially in Eastern countries – who offer dental services at lower prices than the rates charged in Italy, while being of equal quality and performed with the most advanced instruments and techniques. All this is possible thanks to the numerous refresher courses and international seminars in the sector in which dentists abroad participate periodically.

In Eastern Europe, in particular, there are clinics with foreign dentists who offer highly competitive offers to the Italian market; the most important – both for geographical proximity and for reliability – are the dental offices active in Albania. One of these is Manjani Dental: the clinic is located in Astir, Tirana, Albania, located near the center of the capital of Albania, about 30 minutes from the Adriatic coast and 15 minutes from Tirana International Airport. You can visit the south of Albania, which is about 2-3 hours drive from Manjani Dental.

Why Doing Dental Care Abroad Is Convenient.

But what does it really mean to entrust your smile to a foreign dentist and choose to do dental tourism? It means obtaining an effective saving ranging from 40% to 70% according to the necessary treatment. Together with the speed of delivery of services, the advantageous prices offered by a dentist abroad are the main reasons why Italians decide to cross the border and do their dental treatment abroad, more precisely in Albania.

The actual savings of dental tourism in Albania is mainly due to the fact that in Eastern countries the costs of raw materials, premises and management costs in general are considerably lower, as well as the cost of living in general, but everything this is not to the detriment of the quality of the care offered.

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