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Dental Aesthetics Albania: The Beauty Of A Healthy Smile.

Manjani Dental Clinic, within its dental practice, offers a series of dental aesthetic services in Albania. In particular, it offers teeth cleaning and teeth whitening treatments in Albania aimed at rediscovering not only health but also the beauty of a shiny teeth. Manjani Dental’s specialists in dental aesthetics in Albania also deal with the application of dental jewelry, teeth smoothing, sandblasting, scaling, dental veneers and fillings.

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What is Scaling and Why is it Important to Do It?

Scaling is nothing more than the removal of tartar from the teeth. It belongs to the dental aesthetic treatments in Albania carried out by Manjani Dental and is part of that dental branch called “conservative dentistry”.
It is important to undergo periodic scaling treatments to have a dazzling and healthy smile.

Why Do Teeth Whitening In Albania?

Manjani Dental Clinic performs teeth whitening in Albania, combining this treatment also with teeth cleaning. These – like other dental aesthetic services – have the function of restoring beauty to the teeth. Over time and following the action of agents such as coffee, smoke and wine, teeth can lose their natural whiteness. Whitening by the dentist in Albania allows you to eliminate the pigmentations that alter the original color, giving a healthier and more beautiful appearance.

Clinica Manjani Dental proceeds with the whitening of the teeth using a sophisticated laser system that makes the operation completely safe and does not generate any risk of injury to the hard dental tissue. Furthermore, it offers maximum convenience with the guarantee of a high quality final result, like whitening performed by a dentist in Italy.

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What Are Dental Jewels And How Are They Applied?

The application of dental jewelry is a dental aesthetic treatment in Albania carried out by Manjani Dental to beautify the smile and give it a touch of personality. The applied dental jewels can be real precious and zircons, have different shapes and colors: you therefore have the possibility to choose the one you prefer and proceed with the application in our clinic. The jewels are applied without the need for tooth polishing, painlessly and without any risk of damaging the enamel (even during removal).

Teeth Sandblasting and Polishing In Albania: What Are They?

Manjani Dental esegue sabbiatura e levigatura denti in Albania, due trattamenti di estetica dentale. La levigatura denti prevede la lucidatura meccanica grazie all’impiego di spazzolini con testine rotanti e dentifrici con fluoridi. Laddove la normale igiene orale o la stessa levigatura denti non bastino, i dentisti di Clinica Manjani Dental eseguono il trattamento di sabbiatura che permette di rimuovere il tartaro depositatosi in profondità mediante l’impiego di bicarbonato di polvere di sodio.

Veneers Albania: What Does Manjani Dental Offer?

Manjani Dental applies dental veneers with quality and affordability in Albania. These dental veneers are made of ceramic and can be part of the prostheses themselves or have an aesthetic purpose. In the latter case, in fact, dental veneers are useful in restoring the appearance of teeth which have suffered minor injuries or dental pathologies.

What Are Fillings?

The dental aesthetic treatments in Albania offered by Manjani Dental also include fillings: these are common dental filling procedures indicated to restore damaged teeth. The fillings therefore restore the structure, morphology and integrity of the teeth: they are part of conservative orthodontics but also perform the aesthetic function of masking any defects that have arisen as a result of pathologies.

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