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Manjani Dental: Your Dental Practice
in Tirana, Albania

Are you looking for cheap and at the same time reliable dentists in Tirana? A few kilometers from the center of the Albanian capital you will find Manjani Dental, a dental practice that takes care of the health of your teeth every day but also the well-being and beauty of the whole body.

The Manjani Dental Clinic was born in 2009 from the international experience of its founder: Dr. Fatjon Manjani. Thanks to its strategic position – the dental practice is located in Astir, Tirana, a short distance from the center of Tirana and about an hour by plane from Italy – and to its offer of dental services at an affordable price, Manjani Dental is today the choice of many Italians who are looking for comfort but also quality for their dental care.


A Professional Dental Practice in Tirana, Albania: Discover Manjani Dental.

Clinica Manjani Dental, with its vast experience in dental care at the service of Italian patients, has revolutionized the concept of dentist in Tirana, Albania. In fact, in addition to the dental office that offers an innovative, competitive and complete dentistry service with everything you need, it also a range of cutting-edge aesthetic services.

In this way, therefore, Manjani Dental offers to the patients of its dental practice in Tirana, a wide range of services ranging from diagnosis to dental aesthetics, from conservative dentistry to oral surgery, from implantology to periodontology, from pedodontics to orthodontics, thus transforming dental care into a moment of pleasure and well-being for the whole family.

Are you looking for Dentists in Albania? Choose Manjani Dental. Find out why!

Are you looking for a dentist in Tirana, Albania at affordable prices but don’t want to give up the quality of innovative and cutting-edge dental care? Manjani Dental is the right choice for you. Our dental practice in Tirana, Albania offers you:

A team of internationally trained specialized dentists and qualified staff able to meet your every need.
A modernly equipped state-of-the-art laboratory.
Possibility of performing smile treatments in the same structure.
Advantageous agreements for the transfer from Italy and the organization of your holiday in Albania.
An assistance service with free post-intervention control.
Savings up to 70% compared to the costs for dental treatments carried out in Italy.

Trust our dentists in Albania in Tirana and organize your holiday in one of the seaside resorts very close to our office: take care of your teeth, treat yourself to unforgettable moments of relaxation and well-being and experience an unforgettable stay in Albania!

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