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Are you looking for a dental practice in Albania that knows how to combine quality, convenience and attention to the patient’s needs? Manjani Dental Clinic is the solution for you!

Founded in 2009 from the international experience of its founder – Doctor Fatjon Manjani – Manjani Dental Clinic takes care of your teeth every day but also of your beauty with a full range of qualified services for every need.

Our dental office Albania is located in Astir, Tirana, in a strategic and convenient position to reach from Italy even for holidays: we are, in fact, just 15 minutes from Tirana international airport, 30 minutes from the port of Durres , about 5 minutes from the center of Tirana. Find out what we offer and come and visit us, organizing your holidays in Albania.

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Don’t Trust Any Dental Practice In Albania:
Choose the Quality and Experience of Manjani Dental.

Those looking for dentists in Albania will find certified professionals for every need in the Manjani Dental Clinic, able to treat every problem with professionalism and courtesy and to find the right solution for the needs of the whole family.
In recent years, the Manjani Dental Clinic has revolutionized the concept of dental practice in Albania: in fact, we offer Italian patients not only highly affordable prices, but also the possibility to request a free online quote, to make the first visit to Italy and to rely on the “Transfer” service to reach our Clinic. Choose the Quality and Experience of Manjani Dental.

Another of our strengths are the services: we at Clinica Manjani Dental Albania, in fact, are specialized in dentistry and offer an advanced and highly competitive integral service, ranging from diagnosis to dental aesthetics, from conservative dentistry to surgery. oral, from implantology to periodontology, from pedodontics to orthodontics; In this way we at Clinica Manjani Dental Albania have made and make dental care every day.


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